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ICTD Asia Wiki

Welcome to the ICTD Asia Wiki, our place for collaborating and organising projects.

What is ICTD Asia?

ICTD Asia is a regional workgroup comprising of, but not limited to, students, enthusiasts, academicians, technologists & other organisations whose mission/interest is to support and promote the collaborative use, application and development of Information and Communication Technologies for the global public good*.

More specifically, use, application & development of Information and Communication Technologies with a “developmental” goal in Asia.

The group provides support to contribute to existing initiatives and initiate or innovate new regional projects that serve the community.

It also serves as a common forum for improving cross-project collaboration and foster regional community development and contributions with global collaboration.

List of Current Projects

Guides and How To's

  • How to start a project/initiative?
  • How to help as a volunteer?
  • How to help as an organisation?
  • How to start a local ICTD Asia Chapter?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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