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Best electronic cigarette

All the hype and hoopla surrounding electronic cigarette has made generated enough curiosity among the consumers and competition among the producers among the manufacturers. And this competition is quite evident from the numerous advertisements one can see of these e-cigs, with all of them claiming to be the best electronic cigarette.

Now which brand actually is actually termed as the best electronic cigarette depends a lot on the consumer. It is his taste and the preferences that would determine which brand he would prefer over the others. Hence, the choice of the best electronic cigarette might vary from one person to the other.

But there are certain standards that stand common across all brands and are desirable by all users. cheap electronic cigarette would first and foremost provide value for money. It should not be exorbitantly priced for the sake of providing superior quality. The price has to be commensurate with the quality provided, only then can there be guilt free pleasure. But for the sake of value, the performance of the cigarette should not be compromised with.

The cartridge and the battery is the operating force of the electronic cigarette. The performance of the cartridge and the life of the battery contribute a lot to the overall performance of the cartridge. There are two types of designs available- the two piece design and the three piece design. The three piece design is the design traditionally followed in the electronic cigarette industry. In this, the battery and the cartridge are aligned separately. This design has made way for the new and now widely adopted two piece design. In this the battery and the atomizer are aligned together. Hence, during refills, the whole system has to be changed and you get a brand new and fresh smoke. The two piece design is generally a bit more expensive than the three piece and also provides a better performance.

The cartridge of the best electronic cigarette would last typically for a year. That of course depends on the smoking style and frequency of the person. Hence, the cartridges would require a yearly refill, and these refills too would be available at a reasonable price, between twelve to fourteen dollars.

The electronic cigarette is essentially a one time buy. The price of the starter kits is on the higher side, but the ensuing costs are practically nothing, barring the yearly refills, which again are nothing high priced. Therefore, it is best to at first time only, buy the best electronic cigarette.