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As we know what man proposes situation disposes? Payday loans are made for convenience of low income group in many countries like Australia, United state, Canada and UK. Also people are fulfilling their urgent needs. quick payday loans also called pay check advance are loans given to the needy on some interest rate and is revert at the next payday of the borrower.

When this type of system was started they were very effective at low income groups. With this loan people can’t have to wait till their salary come. Urgent works are no more delayed. It gain popularity very soon but the basic drawback of this system is very high interest rate. They are finance instruments but for very short term resulting high in high interest rate of four hundred to nine hundred percent. With globalization the entire world come into a nut cell. With the development of science & technology our life has become full of comforts. But very likely to the two sides of a coin, it has also created many problems for us. So Government pays attention in all new activities going in society. And payday loans are not different and government made many laws to control the high interest rate.