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Join the Discussion list for conversation or posting your queries. Google Group - http://groups.google.com/group/PowerCutsIN

News & feed Section

  • We have a News Feed section on the site http://powercuts.in/feeds - you can help by promoting the news item from this feed onto your twitter/facebook stream with link to @PowerCutIN or the website http://powercuts.in or its Facebook page.
  • Similarly, you can post your reactions to an individual report as "Comments" below it using Facebook or just comment. For e.g. you notice a report in your nearby area, you can react to it or attest/confirm that yes there are power cuts or if you feel its a false report, you can report that as comments too.
  • If you host a site or have a blog, you can post a button/banner/widget of http://powercuts.in on your site to show support. (Planned, will be available when ready)
  • Share the link http://fmi.me/power or http://powercuts.in with your friends.
  • Follow @PowerCutsIN on Twitter and ask your friends to follow too.
  • Like on Facebook PowerCutsInIndia and share.

Help Manage Social Media Presence

  • Help us manage Facebook, Twitter accounts by posting updates using our account. Ping on list in case you are interested.
  • Bloggers? We are planning to do weekly posts on issues around Power Cuts on the PowerCuts.IN Blog.

Shoot a Video/Audio

  • Have a mobile camera? Why not shoot a video of yourself or anyone you come across who wants to have a say about the Power problem in their locality and send it to us? Just shoot the video/ upload it to YouTube or Vimeo - create a report on the website mentioning the video link in it.

Travel to Villages?

  • Do you travel to remote places across India? Why not stop for a moment talk to people and record or write their problems and send it to us?
  • Even though if you don't travel in villages - even in cities you can do it. For e.g. why not go ask a person living in the slums as, how can electricity help his/her family? or something similar.