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Types of Reports & Analysis to publish

This is supposed to be a feature list of data analysis and reports that we should publish on the site to give users a better sense of data coming in on the site.

From User's Point of View (based on Reports on the site only)

  • I want to download the cut timings from my location for the last X days and take a print out to send to my utility company to ask questions.
  • I want to check the Cuts happening in the last X hours in India. (1, 2, 6, 12 , 24)
  • I want to check the Cuts happening in the last X hours at my location. (1, 2, 6, 12 , 24)
  • I want to see the total number of hours there was a reported cut in India on any given day.
  • I want a way to email my Utility company from the website and show them about the number of cuts people are reporting from my area on the site.

Information you can use/Proposed Features

  • Utility companies can use the site to provide an ETA on when the power is going to be back? This is an info that they usually provide when you call them up.
  • Let utility companies SMS and report ETA, then the site will send out alerts over SMS/Email and publish it online on the site/twitter etc realtime.