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ICTD Asia Wiki

Welcome to the ICTD Asia Wiki, our place for collaborating, organising & documenting.

What is ICTD Asia?

ICTD Asia is a regional workgroup comprising of, but not limited to, students, enthusiasts, academicians, technologists & other organisations whose mission/interest is to support and promote the collaborative use, application and development of Information and Communication Technologies for the global public good*.

More specifically, use, application & development of Information and Communication Technologies with a “developmental” goal in Asia.

The group provides support to contribute to existing initiatives and initiate or innovate new regional projects that serve the community.

It also serves as a common forum for improving cross-project collaboration and foster regional community development and contributions with global collaboration.

List of Current Projects

Guides and How To's

  • How to create a new Wiki page here?
  • Pick a project to mentor?
  • How to start a project/initiative?
  • How to help as a volunteer?
  • How to help as an organisation?
  • How to start a local ICTD Asia Chapter?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How to sign up/create an account on the Wiki to add content?
  • If this is a (open) Wiki, why do I need to sign up and create an account to edit/add content?
    • It was open. But something came up. One word, SPAM. Very hard to maintain the wiki pages because of the spam. Until we have a better solution, please sign up & then you have unrestricted access to this wiki.
  • What is ICTD? How is it different than ICT4D?
  • Why?
    • Bringing the voice of practitioners on a platform & bridging the practioner-researcher gap.
    • An itch to start collecting already out information available there and connect & collaborate with practioners & researchers. A tribe that focusses and works in the Asian region. Only through collaboration will this community move forward, so please post your thoughts, questions and tell us about any developments in this space. Refer to Seth Godin's talk on the tribes we lead.

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